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UPC 639846699262

Barcode for RobotDigg 225-3M-6 Endless HTD3M Belt 225mm Length 75 Teeth 3M Synchronous Belt 3mm Pitch 6mm Width HTD3M Closed Loop Timing Belt Pack of 5pcs

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Attribute Value
Brand RobotDigg
EAN 0639846699262
Manufacturer RobotDigg
MPN 225-3M-6
UPC 639846699262


Marketplace Price Updated
$11.80 09/24/2021 11:41:54 GMT - Details


  1. RobotDigg Equip Makers, Empower Engineers
  2. Fit for Torque Transmission and Light Load Conveyance
  3. Working Tension: 285 N for 25.4 mm Belt
  4. Breaking Strength: 158 N per 1 mm Belt Width
  5. Temperature Range: -34 C to +85 C


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