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UPC 658359321811

Barcode for FANRTE Pipe Adapter Mount for Starlink Rectangle Dish Adapter Bushing Made for Winegard DS-2000/DS-3000 and for Antennas Direct STM-1000 TV Tower J Mount

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$14.99 11/21/2023 10:56:53 GMT - Details

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FANRTE Pipe Adapter Mount Made for Starlink Rectangle Dish Adapter Bushing for flagpolebuddy 2" Flag Pole and Work with All Kind of 1.65" to 1.93" ID Pipe Direct TV/J-Mount

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FANRTE U-Bracket for Starlink Dish Pipe Mount Vertical Installation, Heavy Steel U-Bolt Clamp Bracket, Roof Mast to Pole to Pipe Mounting Adapter for Antennas, Weather Station, Cameras, WiFi, Yagi

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Attribute Value
Binding Unknown Binding
Color black
EAN 0658359321811
Manufacturer fantre
Model MK-SA-08
UPC 658359321811

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  1. The pole mount adapter bushing compatible with Winegard DS-2000/DS-3000 and Antennas Direct STM-1000 TV Tower J Mount to mounting a v3 rectangular/square Starlink dish.You are responsible for making sure your pole fits in this range. You will hammer this bushing into the flagpole using a piece of wood and a rubber mallet, it will shave the plastic off the ribs to insure a tight fit. line up the screw hole in the pole with the large tab and screw it in.
  2. Bushing is made of ABS Plastic which is stable to 212 F and should be sufficient for any application. We made it only with sturdy ABS raw materials. Solid walls to ensure the ultimate in durability.
  3. Adapter surrounded with bulge bone which can be striped by flag pole wall, So the adapter can fit dynamic range of 1.45inch-1.5inch inside diameter flag pole, Please verify compatibility and you have manipulative ability to install before ordering.
  4. We recommend placing a piece of wood on top of the bushing to prevent damage.you need to use a wooden board and a rubber hammer, put the wooden board on the adapter and hit it gently with the hammer, so that the wall of the flagpole will whittle away the convex part of the adapter.
  5. Warming:If you use a Pole/Pipe not identified in the description, Please don't just use the visual outer diameter to determine whether it is suitable, you must measure the inner diameter of your Pole/Pipe, only the Pole/Pipe with an inner diameter of 1.45''-1.5'' can fit. If the adapter is too loose or too tight, it is because the inner diameter of the rod is too large or too small.


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