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Barcode for GoTrust Idem Key - C. USB Security Key FIDO2 Certified to The Highest Security Level L2. 2FA with USB-C and NFC interfaces. Works Across iPhones, Android and Computers.

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Attribute Value
Binding Office Product
Brand GoTrustID
Size Idem Key Type C
EAN 0673143894517
Manufacturer GoTrustID Inc.
UPC 673143894517


Marketplace Price Updated
$35.00 08/11/2022 11:42:56 GMT - Details


  1. STRONG AUTHENTICATION: Idem Key provides stronger defense against credential theft. Even if you're using a conventional username and password verification some phishing sites create fake websites to fool you into entering your verification information and then use this to access your account.
  2. SECURE ONLINE ACCOUNT: 2nd factor authentication for Corporate and cloud applications on computers and smartphones.
  3. FIDO U2F AND FIDO2 Security Level 2 CERTIFIED: Idem Key adheres to the FIDO U2F and FIDO2 L2 security standards. These are important for enhanced protection from outside attacks while remaining compatible with many online services. FIDO2 L2 security is the highest level of FIDO security available. Idem Key can be used with all FIDO-enabled services, such as Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Microsoft account, Salesforce, GitHub, Twitter, Bank of America and many more.
  4. STANDARD USB-C AND NFC INTERFACE: Idem Key is a USB-C authenticator and can be easily used on Windows, MacOS, Linux and Chrome OS. By using NFC, you can use NFC enabled Android and iOS mobile to tap Idem Key to log in online accounts.
  5. ROBUST AND DURABLE: High quality sealing process. Designed for tamper resistant and water resistant to secure your authentication data.


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