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Barcode for Outsidepride Brassica Deer Greens Seeds for Deer Food Plots: Rape, Collards, Turnip & Radish - 5 LBS

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Attribute Value
Brand Outsidepride
Color yellow
Size 5 LBS
EAN 0678484007022
Manufacturer Outsidepride
UPC 678484007022


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$24.99 01/25/2023 22:01:48 GMT - Details


  1. Deer Greens is a 100 mixture of brassicas including rape, purple top turnip, collards and radish that provides an abundant high protein and energy rich diet for deer. It germinates quickly to provide an immediate high protein food source to help fill seasonal nutritional gaps.
  2. As winter sets in, carbohydrates contained in the leaves of the deer greens ingredients are converted to sugars providing a highly palatable source of energy during the colder months following the rut. After the leaves are consumed, deer continue to consume valuable nutrients by browsing on the large roots formed by the radish and turnip plants.
  3. Deer Greens can be mixed at a seeding rate of 1 - 2 lbs. per acre with winter annual grasses and clover to speed food plot establishment and enhance deer attraction. It may also be planted in late winter/early spring to provide a green leafy food source in the late spring and early summer months.
  4. To attract and provide nutrition for deer buy deer greens or to furnish a high quality food source for post-rut bucks and pregnant does this is the best deer food plot source for you.
  5. You can also use in a mixture with winter annual grasses and clover to speed food plot establishment and enhance deer attraction to your food plot.


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