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Barcode for MECOLOR Furniture Metal Office File Cabinet with Door and Lock Height Adjustable

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Attribute Value
Color White
Size 30 inch
EAN 0706597171559
UPC 706597171559


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$99.90 01/10/2023 20:33:01 GMT - Details


  1. 1.The locker is made of high quality steel and is therefore very strong and durable. During use, you do not have to worry that it can be easily damaged. This kind of locker cabinet is not only not easy to rust, but also not easy to scratch by scratches.
  2. 2.The overall size of the locker is H29.9"xW35.4"xD15.7", and the size of a single compartment isH12.6"x W33"x 14.2". The locker's storage space is large enough for you to store many kinds of things. You can use it, for example, as a wardrobe or file cabinet for storing clothes or documents.
  3. 3.Lockers are equipped with different keys, so they are very safe and reliable. Moreover, the locker also has a vent design, which can maintain the normal flow of air in the cabinet, avoid peculiar smell and ensure that the cabinet is easy to clean.
  4. 4. The locker will be attached with simple and easy to understand assembly instructions, so the assembly of the cabinet is very simple and fast. The structure of the assembled cabinet is very stable and will not be easily dispersed. The appearance of this cabinet is beautiful and fashionable, so it can be used in a variety of places, such as offices, schools, fitness centers, homes, gymnasiums and so on.
  5. 5.The lockers are well packed to avoid serious damage to the products during transportation. If you have any questions, please feel free to consult us, and we will solve relevant problems for you as soon as possible.


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