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Barcode for 2023 Updated CL200 in-line Automatic Chemical Feeder, High-Strength ABS Material, Compatible with Hayward CL200 Automatic Chlorinator Feeder, More Durable, Easy Installation for Pump or Filter

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  1. Upgrade Content The water inlet and outlet have a 2" outer spiral and a 1-1/2" inner spiral for applications with a flow rate of 50 gallons to 90 gallons. 2" outlet and inlet can pass 50-90 gallons of water per minute, which can greatly reduce the water purification time of the pool, convenient and practical.
  2. Adjustment Knob 360 knob controls the pressure release level, and the feeding speed can be easily adjusted. Inline chlorinators are fully adjustable via a dial control valve.360 knob control valve allows for easy feed rate adjustment.please read the Red Note Tips carefully to avoid damage to the product due to improper operation.
  3. Unique Design The ergonomically designed Easy-Lok threaded lid makes the lid easier to remove and assemble, and also increases the safety of use. In addition, the addition of a high quality Viton seal to the lid and mouth of the bottle ensures a tight seal once the tablets have been added.
  4. Working Principle Pool Chlorine Floater operates by the pressure differential of the system.The CL200 Inline Chlorinator is designed to automatically refill your inground pool with chlorine by working with your existing pump and filter system. The return water from the pool flows through the chlorinator, which is on a line after the filter.
  5. High quality material The main body is made of high quality durable ABS material to ensure the automatic pool chlorinator has a longer life and is corrosion resistant.
  6. Easy to install Replacing your existing chlorinator is easy to install. It can be easily installed into your existing pump or filter, as well as in any existing pool or spa and new pools or spas, Warm Tips:For the installation location, please refer to the product installation location diagram on the details page.


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