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Barcode for Whollium Hyaluronic Acid, 250 mg Sodium Hyaluronate + 25 mg VC, Low Molecular Weight, Superior Penetrability & Stability, for Joints, Skin & Eyes, No Gluten, Non-GMO, Once Daily, Vegan, 120 Caps

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Attribute Value
Brand Whollium
Size 120 Count (Pack of 1)
EAN 0742488193811
Manufacturer Whollium
MPN Whollium
UPC 742488193811


  1. Ultimate Anti-Aging Duo : HA naturally presents in our bodies but diminishes with age, leading to less youthful joints & appearance. Whollium provides 250 mg biologically-fermented sodium hyaluronate with low molecular weight attained by an advanced extraction process. This form of HA features superior stability & penetrability, meaning it can reach deep tissues where creams find it hard to penetrate. Added VC makes our formula an unbeatable duo that replenishes your body's fountain of youth.
  2. Keep Your Body Engine Well-Oiled : Our LMW HA lubricates and cushions your joints naturally for better shock absorption, allowing them to move smoothly without pain caused by friction. Pairing HA with VC , our versatile formula also supports collagen production, cartilage synthesis & tissue integrity. Just one vegan capsule daily can help you enjoy an easier time bending, stretching, lifting and running.
  3. Double Duty For Overall Health : Given mighty moisturizing & antioxidant properties, Whollium's 2-in-1 formula provides full-spectrum support for your age-defying beauty & healthy vision. It helps boost hydration of skin & eyes and protect your body against oxidative stress by neutralizing free radicals caused by UV rays & pollution. It also helps repair the intestinal lining and relieve mild acid reflux to promote optimal digestive function.
  4. Highest Quality Guarantee: Our products are scientifically formulated in an NSF-registered GMP facility and undergo extensive lab testing for purity and potency. They do not contain gluten, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, yeast, soy, fish, shellfish, GMO, artificial flavors, binders, fillers, or preservatives. All of our products are proudly made in USA with pure and clean ingredients and based on rigorous scientific research.
  5. Our Mission for Health: We are dedicated to providing specially formulated products backed by the latest scientific findings for you and your family. At Whollium, your satisfaction and health steer everything we do. That's why we strive to make the highest quality nutritional supplements possible for a more vibrant you. By choosing Whollium dietary supplements, you are choosing a chance to live a happier and richer life.


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