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Barcode for Sedum dasyphyllum Major Corsican Stonecrop

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Attribute Value
Brand DH7 Enterprise
Color Green,Purple,White
Size 4 inch
EAN 0766008995044
Manufacturer Succulentsbox.com
UPC 766008995044

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  1. We guarantee plant's safe arrival otherwise we will refund or send you a replacement plant
  2. Sedum dasyphyllum Minor' is a small, perennial succulent plant, up to 5 inches tall when in flower, with blue-green and purple , opposite leaves and a creeping stem forming shrubs. The flowers are white and small with little black dots on the petals and green ovaries.
  3. The creeping selections of Stonecrop are excellent groundcover plants, particularly for hot, dry sites. This species forms a low carpet of tiny round powdery blue-grey leaves, remaining evergreen in mild regions.
  4. Clusters of white star flowers appear in early summer. A fast grower, this is best kept away from slower alpine plants. Takes on a mauve cast during cool weather. Mow or clip back in spring if desired.
  5. NOTES: We ship all year round, if your area is cold , please consider purchasing a Heat Pack to add to your order: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BL74D964? ref myi_title_dp


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