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Barcode for Half Insole 5cm Height Lifting Shoe Insoles Increase Invisible Air Cushion Heel Shoes for Taller Heels Lift Inserts for Men and Women

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Attribute Value
Binding Misc.
Brand Sonew
Size XS
EAN 0794419849236
Manufacturer Sonew
MPN Sonew94p7ykmxqs
UPC 794419849236


Marketplace Price Updated
$11.33 08/11/2022 11:43:26 GMT - Details


  1. Increased height: these incredible foot pads allow you to increase your height. Whether it's sports shoes, formal or casual shoes, you can fit them in almost all types and look remarkably taller. the best part is that these elevator heels remain hidden, so that no one ever knows the secret behind the increased height.
  2. Breathable design, improved comfort: the insoles are fitted with hoods with air padding that give maximum comfort to your heels and allow you to feel relaxed all day. the maximum thickness is also limited to an optimal value just to ensure that it does not make the shoes too tight.
  3. Superior quality: the high quality insoles are made of a material that feels good on the feet, keeping your feet always fresh. the insoles can be cleaned quickly and easily to maintain a good level of hygiene.
  4. Suitable for most shoes: ankle boot, sneaker and trainer etc. ..... the inserts are best worn with a slightly larger shoe than normal. The half-design type makes the oversized insoles suitable for both men's and women's shoes, perfect for an evening out, special events, meetings, weddings or any event where there is a camera in ambush.
  5. 100 secure satisfaction - We also offer 100 satisfaction without risk to allow you to buy with confidence; No questions asked. not only are we sure you'll fall in love with these increasingly comfortable insoles, but I would recommend them to many of your friends. order now ! !


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