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UPC 851741005140

Barcode for HipShotDot D-Series Milspec Pack - Reusable Transparent Aim Sight Assist TV Decals - Gaming Television or Monitor Decal for FPS Video Games Compatible with PC, Xbox & Playstation

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$9.95 09/23/2022 15:55:20 GMT - Details

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Attribute Value
Binding Electronics
Brand Hipshotdot
Color Yellow
Size 1
EAN 0851741005140
Manufacturer Airdrop Gaming
UPC 851741005140

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  1. WORKS WITH ANY SHOOTER GAME: Compatible with XBOX, XBOX ONE, PS3, PS4, and PC. Our D-Series Milspec Pack is perfect for 100's of first and third-person shooter video games including popular titles such as Fortnite, PUBG, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Medal of Honor, Titanfall, Halo, Gears of War, the Division, Destiny, and many more.
  2. PERFECT FOR TV OR PC MONITORS: These Crosshair Decals are easy to apply, self clinging and reusable. Will not harm TVs or Computer Monitors. Improve your K/D ratio on any FPS or TPS shooting game with our death dot pack aim assist decals!
  3. SHOOT FROM THE HIP: No more zooming and taking your attention off the screen when using rifles to strengthen your run-and-gun style. Leverage the in-game advantage of an additional weapon attachment over the competition by instantly making any weapon more accurate.
  4. EMP PROOF, QUICK SCOPE, NO SCOPE, NO PROBLEM: These Aim Sight Assist Decals let you get a bead without zooming and help improve ADS . Be confident enough to dominate hardcore matches with a permanent Red, Green or Yellow dot sight on any weapon style, even if the in-game sight goes away for some reason.
  5. USE IN COMBINATION WITH THE ORIGINAL HIPSHOTDOT: Our D-Series Milspec Pack works perfectly in combination with Airdrop Gaming's original HipShotDot for the ultimate gaming experience across all gaming platforms including PCs. HipShotDot D-Series cross hairs are available in 4 style packs and 3 color combinations, 9 crosshairs in a pack.


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