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UPC 860001815528

Barcode for Tertill Whacker String Replacement Kit

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$14.99 09/23/2022 02:25:11 GMT - Details

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Attribute Value
Brand Tertill
Color green
EAN 0860001815528
Manufacturer tertill
UPC 860001815528

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  1. Fits all Tertill Robot models
  2. 20-pack of whacker string replacements and 2-pack of whacker hub replacements
  3. Replace strings when they get below one-inch length and hubs if whacker strings easily slip out when installed. String replacement every 1-4 weeks depending amount of rocks in soil.
  4. To replace strings pull out the old string and push in the new string.
  5. Cuts weeds multiple times so eventually weeds shrivel up and die


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