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Barcode for Outsidepride Perennial Sedum Stoloniferum Heat & Drought Tolerant, Succulent, Stonecrop Ground Cover Plants - 1000 Seeds

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Attribute Value
Brand Outsidepride
Color Pink
Size 1000 Seeds
EAN 0678482971141
Manufacturer Outsidepride
MPN OUT-2666
UPC 678482971141


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$6.49 01/25/2023 22:00:47 GMT - Details


  1. Here is a unique ground cover that will spread nicely! Sedum Stoloniferum or Stolon Stonecrop is a trailing plant that spreads by stolons.
  2. This sedum is an 8 inch tall perennial growing in USDA zones 6 - 9.
  3. Like the other Sedums, Stoloniferum is a succulent that is well-suited for sunny environments.
  4. Growing to 8 inches in height, this ground cover easily establishes from Sedum seed, and it will produce lovely pink, star-shaped flowers in mid-summer.
  5. Sowing Rate: 1000 seeds covers approximately 20 square feet. It can be grown in partial shade, but it prefers well-draining soil, even rocky soil.


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