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Barcode for Sedum Tile, Live Sedum Succulent Planter, Stonecrop Plant Sedum Mat, Preplanted Succulent Sedum Carpet, Live Flowering Plants Sedum Planter, Sedum Plant Succulents Live Plant Wall by Plants for Pets

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Attribute Value
Binding Kitchen
Brand Plants for Pets
Color Green
Size Standard
EAN 0810024702336
Manufacturer Plants for Pets
MPN Stonecrop Mat
UPC 810024702336


Marketplace Price Updated
$35.86 01/25/2023 22:00:56 GMT - Details


  1. LIVE SEDUM TILE: Charming plant mat featuring a combination of pre-planted sedum succulent plants with earthy colors and contrasting shapes. These low-growing perennial plants are easy to care for and offer endless possibilities for display.
  2. DIY VERTICAL GARDEN: Place this enchanting living wall planter sedum mix in a plant hanger or vertical planter alongside wall hanging plants, garden plants in a horizontal planter, flowers in a plant holder, and other garden wall decor plants.
  3. LOW MAINTENANCE BEAUTY: Sedum plants live happily in poor conditions and even thrive when neglected. The groundcover plants in this tile wall provide remarkable beauty with minimal effort required.
  4. EASY TO GROW AND PROPAGATE: Customize a tile planter with sedum seeds of your choice with hundreds of varieties of plants to choose from .
  5. REAL PLANTS AT YOUR DOOR: Your live plants will arrive in prime condition.


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