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Barcode for Outsidepride Perennial Sedum Hispanicum Heat & Drought Tolerant, Succulent, Stonecrop Ground Cover Plants - 1000 Seeds

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Attribute Value
Brand Outsidepride
Color Pale pink
Size 000 Seeds
EAN 0678482971547
Manufacturer Outsidepride
MPN OUT-2652
UPC 678482971547


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$6.49 01/25/2023 22:00:46 GMT - Details


  1. Sedum Hispanicum or Spanish Stonecrop offers succulent, blue-green foliage with white-pink blooms in late spring and early summer.
  2. Sedum Hispanicum is a low growing 2 - 4 inch tall perennial ground cover plant growing in USDA zones 5 - 10.
  3. It is low-growing reaching 2 to 4 inches in height, and it is tough enough to handle some light foot traffic. Sow Sedum seed in a sunny location.
  4. However, in extremely hot climates, it does better with some afternoon shade. Grow Sedum in the coarse, sandy or gravelly soil of a rock garden. Sedum Hispanicum is low-maintenance and will brighten up any landscape.
  5. Sowing Rate: 1000 seeds covers approximately 20 square feet. Sedum is heat and drought tolerant.


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